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Resource Family Support Unit

The Resource Family Support unit (formerly Foster Parent Resources/FPR) is designed to be a support system for care providers and case managers.  These are social workers that assist in finding placement for children, can be used to help locate resources in the community, and help you navigate the child welfare system.


RFS Unit


Annette Jones, Social Work Supervisor

(559) 600-6648

Monica Mason, RFS Liaison

(559) 600-3577

Cameron Donnelly-Jones, Social Work Practitioner (Swing)

(559) 600-6609

Valeria Rosales, Social Worker

(559) 600-6603

Yolanda Dinwiddie, Social Worker

(559) 600-2476

Alicia Urbieta, Social Worker

(559) 600-2031

Victoria Banks, Social Worker


Isabel Barajas, Social Worker

(559) 600-2437

Khu Yang, Social Work Practitioner

(559) 600-2038

Kayla Urioste, Social Worker

(559) 600-3508

Chelsea Mollica, Office Assistant

(559) 600-2376

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